"Bold Experiement" Cabernet Sauvignon2011

The sweet and spicy flavor of Habanero!

Our Bold Experiment! Our first attempt at blending....the results were exceptional, a beautiful wine with amazingly complex flavor profiles - with a big surprise, Habanero! Be BOLD, experiment, try this wine! You will not be disappointed!

The goal for our 2011 Cab was to create a truly unique wine with a flavor experience you will not find elsewhere. Bold Experiment does not disappoint. Dripping with aromas of ripe plum, black cherry, herbs, and a touch of smoked wood, she follows with flavors of mouthwateringly tart black cherry, vanilla, currants and a touch of leather and green pepper. And the big surprise – a bit if Habanero!

A Blend of 3 suburb Napa vineyards:  Carrefour Vineyards, Rafael Vineyard and River Run Vineyard

Our blend includes fruit that we sourced from 3 small production vineyards, each farmed by the owners and their families. This is not fruit from the big production conglomerates.  Why does that matter? Simply this: we believe small family vineyards provide that little something extra – the extra care and passion that in many instances results in a better product which is known in sophisticated wine circles as “damn good juice!” And since these vineyards are small producers, like we are, you can be assured you are drinking a rare, unique bottle of wine not found in your common wine shop.

A little about each vineyard in Bold Experiment:

Carrefour Vineyard: Coombsville (Napa Valley) based Carrefour Vineyard is owned and operated by husband and wife team Greg and Marilyn Nitz. It is an 18 acre vineyard north of downtown Napa, sandwiched between Silverado Trail and Route 121. Carrefour grows cooler climate Cabernet resulting in evolved tannins and the well-integrated classic herbaceous notes associated with Cabernet. One can never tell but the hint of Habanero in this wine probably came from the Carrefour fruit.

Rafael Vineyard: located in the Oak Knoll district of Napa where temperatures are moderated by weather patterns from San Pablo Bay. These cooling breezes and morning fogs help the grapes retain assertive acids that warmer growing spots can’t match. The vines at Rafael are planted in porous sands and gravel, which forces the roots to work deep into the ground in search of water. This produces smaller, more intense berries with balanced concentrations of tannins and acidity.

River Run Vineyard: River run is located just west of the Napa River on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena. Planted in the mid-1990s, this 6-acre certified organic vineyard features gravelly soils and plenty of sun, making for intensely complex interpretations of Cabernet, and produces plenty of fruit characters to complement the soundly structured tannins.

$30.00 /750ml