"Red Headed Step Sister" Syrah2011

As wild as any redhead! - GOLD MEDAL - our best Syrah value

Red-Headed Step Sister, our best Syrah value, was lovingly crafted with juice from Premier Coastal Vineyard in Santa Barbra. Step Sis surprised us all by winning a GOLD MEDAL at the San Francisco International Wine Competition

In 2010 we tried our hand making Syrah, sourcing grapes from the famous White Hawk Vineyard. Success! Our first Syrah went on to win a gold medal at the San Francisco International Wine competition in 2014. Emboldened, we decided to branch out again and try a different vineyard. Ok, maybe not a huge gamble, as Premier Coastal is essentially right “next door” to “sister” White Hawk, and is managed by the same people. And we admit calling Premier Coastal a “step sister” is not a fair characterization of the quality fruit grown here…..but we did after all win a gold medal with White Hawk fruit. But let’s see how the 2011 does at this year’s wine competition! Maybe the step sister will show up the “White Hawk” gold with a double gold!

Winemaker & Tasting Notes:

Being bold and new was the theme for 2011, so we did something different for our tasting notes as well. We let our Platinum Crush community help us - 25 people participated in tasting and writing notes for this wine, which we conducted at the Vintners Wine Market in San Francisco. The results: aromas include park berry, spice, and pomegranate with floral notes. Flavors of blackberry, orange, tobacco, pepper with hints of cedar. This wine finishes “bigger” than one would expect. 

Premier Coastal Vineyard:

Premiere Coastal Vineyard sits in the cooler northern section of Santa Barbara County. The east-west orientation of California’s coastal range brings cooling morning fog and ocean breezes, which give way to warm afternoon sun. The sandy soils provide excellent drainage and limit vigor - the trick to producing small berries. Premiere Coastal features the “Syrah Noir” clone – a loose-clustered grape that tends to produce ink-black wines. The color in the finished wine is amazingly rick and dark! The vineyard management promotes sustainable viticulture and also oversees management of nearby White Hawk Vineyard. The wines exhibit the same core of acidity balanced by blackberry flavors found at White Hawk.

$35.00 /750ml